Red River Combo

Red River Combo   -   SOLD


Love County, OK


+/-200 acres


Mature hardwood timber.  This property is literally a forest of giant trees of many different species including some of the largest sycamores I've ever seen.  Post oak and Blackjack oak on the uplands with Shumard and Black oak in the bottom.  Plenty of good roost trees for turkeys with all the sycamores and cottonwoods.


Roughly 40 acres of bermudagrass pasture with a transitional zone of native grass and thicket bordering the timberline along the ridge.  113 feet of elevation change from the front gate to the river bottom. 


Secluded, dead end road entrance.  Electricity on the property and rural water available on the county road.  The high water table in the area makes drilling water wells easy and provides high output.  Several great building locations for a cabin.


The current owner has not hunted this property and reports that the neighbors do not allow hunting either.  Lots of game on the property and the ideal mix of habitat for wildlife management.  The rich soils of Red River bottom are known for healthy deer herds and often times produce larger antlers than the surrounding uplands.


There is a natural oxbox lake named "Burk Lake" after the original family that owned the land in this area.  The slough is full of attractive moist-soil plants such as smartweeds, wild millet and varying sedges, and the banks are lined with buckbrush and overhanging, nut-bearing trees.  Add water over the winter months and this thing will be full of ducks.  This area of Love County still has several peanut fields, which hold thousands of birds at different times throughout the season.


Less than 10 minutes into Oklahoma from the Texas line.


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