Pine Creek Hunting

Pine Creek Hunting   -   UNDER CONTRACT


Stephens County, OK


+/-170 acres


This property is a perfect example of native Southern Oklahoma habitat....a perfect mix of thick mature timber and small openings that transition from timber to thickets to native grass.  Wildlife presence on the property is vary apparent with all kinds of tracks, trails and other sign from deer, turkey and hogs.


Although there are no existing ponds on the property, there is a large seasonal drainage known as Pine Creek, and its confluence with two smaller tributaries near the center of the property.  Based on watershed acreage which totals over 2250 acres of drainage, and topography, a lake as big as 17 acres could be constructed.  There are also several smaller pond sites if a large lake was not wanted.


Large Cottonwoods and Pecans along the creek provide excellent roost trees for wild turkeys in the area.  A mix of acorn-bearing Oak species makes up the bulk of the property with many species of woody browse and forbs providing all the necessary food sources for game.


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