Battle Springs Ranch

Battle Springs Ranch     -    SOLD


Love County, OK


+/-2655 acres


Here's your chance to own an untouched landscape rich with history as well as wildlife. Battle Springs Ranch in Southern Oklahoma was started over 100 years ago as a gentleman's Rod & Gun Club for the early oil tycoons in the area. The remnants of an old caretakers home can be found nestled on a hill overlooking both lakes, near the location a grand hunting lodge once stood. The Comanche indians once rested on the "Battle Springs Prairie" with hundreds of stolen horses on what is called their last raid into North Texas.


The South Lake, which is about 79 surface acres, was built over the top of a series of springs which keep it brim full year round. The North Lake, which measures 95 acres is also spring-fed, but drains over 2270 acres as well.


Below the lakes, there are 706 acres of developed wetlands which were designed and built as a part of the WRP program and Ducks Unlimited. There are also 6 small ponds and an ideal lake site to build a new 75 acre lake. Needless to say, the property boasts an array of water features which sustain the local wildlife and attract thousands of migrating waterfowl to the area.


In addition to water, the landscape of Battle Springs varies greatly from about 730' in elevation along Walnut Bayou to over 945' in the crosstimbered uplands. That's over 215' of topographic relief that brings drastic changes to the native plant-life and ecology. Healthy hardwoods, thick brushy areas, native grass pasture, wetlands all juxtaposed repeatedly across the property. There is even a pine forest where the 50 year old pine seedlings planted by the Moxley family can still be found towering above the native timber, and younger, naturally propagated pines can be found growing wildly.


Deer, turkey, hogs, quail and non game animals alike have found this property as a refuge for over 30 years in which hunting has not been allowed. Walnut Bayou and Oswalt Road are widely known for producing larger than normal deer, it is unknown whether there is something in the soil, the genetics or something else at play.



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